Allen Martin, originally of Lancaster County, Pa, is fast becoming a well known maker of fine Pennsylvania Flintlock rifles. Since 1989, Allen has been building historically accurate interpretive reproductions from the 1760 to 1820 period. He builds rifles and fowlers using the best parts available and each gun is individually crafted to the finest standards and is custom fitted to each client. Allen is always looking for details found on original flint rifles of southeastern Pa that will be applied to his guns as well, thus making his work as authentic as can be achieved.

Starting with a blank of fine curly maple, a swamped Getz barrel, JimChambers Flintlock, sand cast brass buttplate and trigger guard, he then hand crafts the other small parts needed. Then using a bandsaw, Allen cuts the desired profile and with nothing more than a hand held power drill, files, rasps, razor sharp chisels and a whole lot of patience, he slowly builds a very desirable piece of art . Hand scraping, burnishing the wood and using oil finishes trying to get the feel of the old time rifles is something that Allen Martin excels at. Allen Martin's work has graced the cover of Muzzleblast Magazine and has won a number of awards at the Dixon Gunmakers Fair outside of Allentown, Pa.

Many consider him the best Lehigh Rifle builder in the world. Most of his rifles are owned by shooters and hunters which the guns were designed for, but more and more collectors are expanding their collections with Allen Martin Rifles. Allen, his wife Pauline and five children live in the beautiful mountains of central Pennsylvania about 40 miles north of Harrisburg. Please contact Allen Martin if you wish to own a fine piece of historical art.

Allen Martin

Builder and Collector of Fine Flintlock Rifles and Fowling Pieces

Best of Show Traditional and Best of Show Overall at the 1999 Dixon's Gunmakers Fair.

P.O. Box 80 Hartleton Ave, Swengel, Pa. 17880 1-570-922-4281