Rifle Schools

Northampton / Lehigh County also known as the "Allentown Gun" - circa 1780 - 1810

This type of rifle has a long graceful appearance that so many people
fine attractive . The buttstock top of comb has a slight roman nose and
the bottom line has a subtle double step . This rifle can come with a
sliding wood patchbox or a 2 piece brass with a dome lid not being out
of place . The "Arrowhead" sideplate is a common feature
Most silver inlays have a Christian meaning and the raised or incise
carving being in the Rococo or Folk art style of form .
One unknown and mysterious feature is the carved , inlayed or engraved
face that resembles as some say a "Indian head" or perhaps a ""women" .
This figure is known only on Lehigh Co. Rifles and no where else .
Original builders are known as , Rupp , Kuntz , Moll and Neihard
The Northampton / Allentown flintlock rifle is true Pennsylvania rifle
and remains a favorite of mine !!

Berks County or Reading town . circa 1760 - 1790

A very bulbous and stocky rifle with a heavier barrel being the norm .
The buttstock has a roman nose comb and a the cheekpiece being rounded
and has a very soft feel .
This type of rifle usually has a sliding wood or a very simple 2 or 4
piece brass patchbox . The sideplate has very heavy bevels adding to the
strong feel . Decoration is being very minimal and a simple volute
incise or floral relief carving is most attractive .
Original builders are , Haga , Schreit and Mauger .
The Berks Co. flintlock rifle has a simple elegance that can't be
matched . A great hunting rifle .

Lancaster / Lebanon County . circa 1770 -1800

Straighter buttstock lines is general rule in this very comfortable to
shoot gun . A sliding wood or a fancier 2 or 4 piece patchbox with a
"daisy head " being very common . Raised carving in C - scroll is best
known on this style of rifle .
Few of the many known builders are , Dickert , Haines , Beck , Albrecht
, Ferree and Newcomer.
The Lancaster rifle played a very important part in the American
Revolutionary War


Wommelsdorf town in northern Berks Co. circa 1770 -1820
Classic beauty comes to mind when beholding a Bonewitz , Reedy or
Figthorn Rifle .
The 4 piece patchboxes are engraved in a very delicate manner .
Beautiful relief carving is almost always present with vines and floral
designs .
Buttstock architecture has a slight curve on top and bottom with the
cheekpiece being crisp and the wrist has a soft rounded feel .
A Golden Age hunting rifle that has warmth and grace to be enjoyed by
all .

Pennsylvania Blue Ridge Mt. Rifle "Schimmel"

A lower costing rifle or fowler that has great architecture and uses the
same quality parts and is built as well as a fancy rifle without the
art .
No buttplate , entry pipe , sideplate and nosecap . A sliding wood
patchbox is not out of the question .
A wonderful hunting gun and or match rifle .
The "Schimmel" is normally built on the Berks and Lehigh Co. pattern .
The survival rate of the original plain guns is very low as they were
use very hard and often hung in the barn and became rusty and moldy ,
hence the German word " Schimmel"

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