Allen Martin

Builder and Collector of Fine Flintlock Rifles and Fowling Pieces

Best of Show Traditional and Best of Show Overall at the 1999 Dixon's Gunmakers Fair.

1510 Orchard Road, Swengel, Pa. 17880 1-570-922-4281

The home of the Lehigh Co. Flintlock Rifle


With this being a custom shop , working one on one with every client it
is really hard to come up with a set price list because every rifle is
different from the next . One person wants a straight barrel with a nice
piece of wood while the next wants a swamped barrel and sliding wood box
but a plain stock !! ect., ect.
So what I come up with is a base rifle price starting with a "Schimmel"
and ending with a price for a full blown , tweeded out gun .
After coming up with a general idea of what goes on the gun I will then
send you a written quote with all the parts and prices itemized , the
cost for general labor , carving if any is wanted and the final bottom
line price . This gives you time to look over the quote and if you need
to change or add anything feel free to do so .
I do require a deposit or money down "nonrefundable" to confirm the gun
order and purchase parts . The remainder must be paid upon delivery of
the rifle and or if you wish to make partial payments this is
satisfactory . The amount of deposit will be determined at the final
price of rifle .

With the "Schimmel" being the basis of the Allen Martin rifles the
prices and parts on these are as follows .
Curly maple stock , Siler flintlock , single trigger ,brass triggergaurd
and 2 ramrod pipes and misc. small parts -
with a straight barrel - $1700.00
With swamped barrel $1900.00

A full blown rifle with every detail in it's place , a super hard curly
maple stock , brass patchboxed , inlayed , raised carved , aged or
antiqued with the same feel of an original rifle !!!
Priced limited at $7500.00

All estiments and quotes are free and these prices listed on this page
subject to change . However the price on the quote is firm unless you
change or add to the gun .

To give you an idea of what the cost of the options are listed below .

Sliding wood patchbox with iron catch - $300
Simple 2 piece brass box with catch - $500

2 piece "dome lid" Lehigh / Allentown patchbox ............ $1200
Fancy engraved 4 piece brass box with catch - $800 - $1500
Handmade nosecap , sideplate & ramrod pipes - $200
Sett triggers - $100
Sterling Silver inlays start at - $50 each
Barrel keys - $40 each
Incise carving - $100 - $750
Raised carving - $250 - $1500
Pewter finish on Iron parts - $100

All guns custom built by Allen Martin are fitted to each individual for
proper length of trigger pull , drop in stock , castoff & ect.
Every stock is hand scraped "not sanded " at no extra cost !!

In addition to the custom guns I also offer services to assemble -
finish - carve - ect. , Jim Chambers rifles / fowlers kits .

You purchase the gun kit from Jim Chambers and he will have it delivered
directly to me and I try to complete the gun within 6 months after I
receive all the parts .

In the white - $500
Finish wood , iron & brass - $400
Carving , engraving & all other services - Priced on request

You can contact Jim Chambers at :
E-mail -
Phone (828) 667 - 8361
or visit his web site at

Due to BATF laws I now ask my clients to send a check or credit card
directly to Getz Barrel Co. for the purchase of the barrel and Jim
Chambers Flintlock LTD for the price of the lock used in your gun . Call
me if you any questions .

Thank you and God bless !!
Allen Martin


See Allen Martin at my seminar on Stock Scraping and Burnishing at Dixon's Gunmakers Fair, Kempton, Pa July 25,26,27, 2003

I'll be at the annual Contemporary Longrifle Association show on August 22 , 23 , 2003. Fri. 7am -10pm , Sat. 9am - 6pm. Lexington Convention Complex, Lexington , KY. Hope to see you there !


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